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The Rememberers

The Rememberers
written and performed by Kenny Baraka
14th - 19th March

Presented by Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Apples and Snakes this was a classic tale of good versus evil, told through rap narration, lyrics, projection, music and graphic novel illustration.

The Cardinals (rehearsal)

The Cardinals
by Stan's Cafe
Rehearsed January into February

Rehearsals mostly took place in Africa but moved to Australia when Birmingham Rep. moved into Europe. A delegation from Montpellier and Domaine d'O the commissioning theatre came to see a preview late in the process.

The Cleansing of Constance Brown

The Cleansing of Constance Brown
by Stan's Cafe
1st - 19th March

The great length of The Americas allowed this show with its 2m wide x 14m deep stage to perform to its largest ever audience on its longest ever run, to great critical acclaim.

Of All The People: Blue Peter

Of All The People In All The World: Blue Peter Film Shoot by Stan's Cafe
17th March

A film crew from Blue Peter and Year 6 Students from Chad Vale Primary School worked with members of Stan's Cafe creating a feature for the TV Show which was screened on 22nd March.

Human Salvage:

Human Salvage
Curated By Dominic Johnson and Fierce
25th March

A night of spiky and Provcative performances by a coterie of artists who straddle the worlds of live art, performance art and 'low' performance modes, including Dickie Beau, Lauren Barri Holstein and Leo Hedman, alongside a great bar, a roster of DJs and live music.

Slavic Soul Feast

curated by Polish Expats Association
1st - 19th March

Video by Andrzej Karmasz, Music, Art, Dancing, Eating and Drinking in a Polish style.

Tuning Out With Radio Z

Tuning Out With Radio Z
by Stan's Cafe
31st March & 1st April

Returning to the venue in which it was devised. The three hour improvised show, webcast and co-authored live by its audience over the web.

Wealth's Last Caprice

by Chris Dugrenier
photo credit: Graeme Braidwood
Rehearsed then performed 6th & 7th April

In this solo performance, Chris takes her belongings off their shelves, out of dusty boxes, piles them high and takes a look back at dreams, ambitions, vanities and compulsions. At what cost? And what for? In the end, all will be lost... but for a few treasures that will become her legacy. And Us, the Audience are beneficiaries and witnesses. Wealth's Last Caprice is a Vanitas for our times, a sensitive, funny and touching reflection on what we value.

Total Anonymity

Total Anonymity
by EP Theatre
16th - 19th May

A graduation piece by students of Coventry University, this promonade performance led it's audience on a Noir journey around the venue.

White Stock

White Stock
31st March & 1st April

Another Third Year degree show from Coventry University, this one about Child Migration.


by Birmingham School of Acting
3rd & 4th June

A variety show staged as a graduation piece by Stage Managment students from Birmingham School of Acting, with a very beautifully appointed Bar area

Open Space 2

by Open Space
Photo credit: Graeme Braidwood
23rd - 24th June

@ A H Harris hosted the second Open Space conference for the local theatre community, facilitated by Nick Sweeting.


by Big Brum
6th - 17th June

Big Brum site an education program, including performance, on site for vulnerable school children from across Birmingham.

BE Festival 2011

by BE Festival
photo credit: Alex Brockie
7th - 9th July

The second BE Festival was bigger and slicker than the first year. Bringing young theatre companies to Birmingham from across Europe. To share their art, meals and discussion with each other and an enthusiastic local audience.

Pilot Night

by Pilot
photo credit: Alicja Rogalska
11th August

Six companies were brought together to show short excerpts from works-in-progress. Some of the companies rehearsed on site for the four days leading up to Pilot Night.


by S.O.U.P.
28th August

A rave that brough a 'name' DJ from NYC to the space, shortly followed by complaints from neighbours and the police.

The Name Of Action

by Theatre Ark
9th - 11th September

Screenings of a video shot by Theatre Ark in and around the venue.

Vintage Fair

24th September

A sale of vintage clothing and other times plus refreshments and a live band.

Barbara Nice

by Barbara Nice
17th September

A cabarat evening hosted by local celbrity Barbara Nice, featuring a range of acts including Jasper Carott.

Disco Baby Yeah 1

by Untied Artists
30th October

A daytime disco for young children and their parents.

Play School

by Play More
12th November

An evening of playful games for adults to engage with.