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This is the @ A.E.Harris Box Office. For some shows tickets will just be available on the door and cannot be bought in advance. Some visiting companies will choose to use other online Box Office facilities. However occasionally THIS is where you can buy tickets IN ADVANCE for shows happening @ A.E.Harris. On these occassions things are very simple:

We have set up a shopping cart using PayPal, the well known Internet credit / debit card payment system. It works well. If you already have a PayPal account, then you can use it to buy things from us. If you haven't got an account, then you can still use the system to make a one-off purchase, and you have the option of setting up an account at the end, which you can use in the future. If you have any queries about the PayPal system itself then don't ask us, visit the PayPal website for more details.

What Happens
When you click on one of the buttons below it sends a message to the PayPal system to add that product to the shopping cart. The first time you click will also create another window with the shopping cart details. (At the moment this also has a technical message about secure / nonsecure items. It doesn't seem to make much difference to the appearance of the window if you click yes or no to display the items.) When you've finished adding things to the shopping cart you can click to go to the checkout, where PayPal will take the payment.

We will not post tickets - we will send you a confirmation email - please bring this with you on the night. If you have any comments or queries about our Box Office, then please send them to us via the contact page.

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