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Sweet Rockall

June 18th, 2014

After the launch of Kiln and great performance of Fishhead the next event @ A E Harris is almost upon us.

Gibraltar, The Falkland Islands, Crimea… Rockall?

In the wilderness of the Atlantic Ocean there lies an uninhabitable rock. A rock called Rockall. Four countries claim to own both the rock and the oil reserves that potentially surround it (and the fish. Mustn’t forget the fish).

One day, a seemingly innocuous press statement from the Icelandic Government sets the wheels in motion for a diplomatic crisis on a grand scale. In this worryingly believable political satire, egos, sex and crossed wires conspire to bring the world to the brink of war, with Britain’s indecisive Foreign Secretary at the very heart of it. Can he hold his nerve and guide the world towards a peaceful solution?

A new play written by David Gray and directed by Jen Davis, both supported artists on the Birmingham REP Foundry Programme.

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