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It’s Coming Back!

April 17th, 2014

News! Things have been happening @ A E Harris. True, Chapman Driver Seating (a trading division of A E Harris & Co. (Birmingham) Ltd.) are now knocking out stacks of beautiful driver seats where once we all knocked out art BUT next door, devious art moves are afoot.

We’ve had a big patch of leaky roof patched up. We have Mick the electrician has moved our massive three phase power socket. Mick the carpenter(ish) has put down a wooden floor (almost sprung), Mick the technician has rigged a load of lighting bars and a great team of friends gave up much of one Sunday to #paintitblack. Thank you to all of these people (all Micks are different people). Thank you also to the kind and generous soul who gave us £40 to buy MORE matt black paint. Also thank you also to Iain who has plugged away finishing off the high altitude painting when Craig has been off on tour and thus unable to paint.

Together we have got the NEW @ A E Harris very close to being ready to REOPEN for arty business. Hold onto your hats.

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