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Goodnight and Goodbye

March 3rd, 2020

So our eleven year long adventure @ A E Harris is over. We first presented our installation Of All The People In All The World in the factory workshop spaces on Northwood Street in September 2008. We took over the space as a venue and rehearsal space in January 2009 and moved our office onto the site a few months later. We operated the very substantial space until October 2013 when we handed four workshop spaces back to our landlords A.E.Harris after a valadictory production made especially for the occasion Twilightofthefreakingods. Since that time we have been having productive fun rehearsing, presenting and hosting performances in a 50 seat venue on the site. Now, finally, the whole A.E.Harris site on both sides of Northwood Street has been sold to a firm of property developers. The buildings are still standing, for now, but soon some of them will be bulldozed and all of them will be repurposed. Then, our presence there along with that of A.E.Harris and the firms that occcupied the site will have joined James Watt’s old house as just another set of ghosts on the Jewellery Quarter’s psychogeographic landscape.

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