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Polish Art back @ A E Harris

April 28th, 2013

Artist, Reveal Yourself! is organised by PAiL, West Midlands in collaboration with Polish Expats Association. It launches on the 3rd of May 2013 @ AE Harris. For three days, visitors will have a chance to see visual art, experience theatre, music, slam poetry, and participate in a range of workshops.

The visual art exhibition will feature works from more than twenty artists working in painting,
installation, photography and performance. They are inspired by themes of migration as well as cultural, national and gender identities. There are photographs of forgotten cemeteries, a series of family portraits and behind the scenes with a Drag Queens.

Events on Friday 3rd May will include a theatre performance and slam poetry with an open microphone formula.

Saturday 4th brings a series of workshops and presentations, the participants will find out
about photographic film and a journey that a picture embarks upon from the moment it is taken. In the
evening, Argentinian tango takes over with a performance and workshop. After the second edition of slam poetry the event moves to The Spotted Dog for music including live ambient, instrumental, dub, and hip
hop with artists from the UK, Poland and Zimbabwe.

On Sunday 5th there is an artist’s talk, theatrical etudes and some more workshops. It’s a broad program of work and the tickets are cheap, so come along and give it a go.

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